We are part of a network of groups

 affiliated to the Association of 16mm

 Narrow Gauge Modellers.

 We run narrow gauge trains, on

 32mm and 45mm gauge tracks, in

 the garden and indoors.

 Our railways have a scale of 1:19,

 which on 32mm track corresponds  

 to 2ft gauge on full-size railways.

 Our group has a nominal strength of 

 about 60, if the circulation list is

 anything to go by.

 Fortunately our usual attendance is  

 somewhat fewer - our gardens are

 not that big!

 Locos range from small industrial

 diesels that can sit in the palm of

 your hand, to multi-cylindered

 monsters that need a cradle to carry


 Likewise our railways go from short

 end-to-end lines to large layouts

 with numerous points and sidings.

 However, you don't need any of this

 to join in. There's always lots going

 on at our meetings, and we will be

 very pleased to show you how

 everything works.

  Come and see!



We have meetings arranged throughout the year, not to mention unscheduled steam-ups whenever the mood takes us.


They are very informal affairs, we just descend on the host's garden and get on with running trains.

Tea and cake are often supplied, but such offerings are kept modest, and not allowed to detract from the serious business of having fun.

The next outing is to the National Show at Peterborough on Saturday April 4th. Derek Pratt's Middleforth Light Railway will be there. Contact our coordinator for details.

Some video of a recent meeting is here.


Come and visit us!

You don't need to be a member of anything, or bring anything to run, or even live in Merseyside or West Lancashire.

Just come and see if you like what we do.

There are no formalities - just let the host know you're coming, to ensure supplies of teabags and custard creams are up to scratch.

Contact our co-ordinator for details of our events.



Contact us
Use this form to contact our co-ordinator, Rob Guinness.


The Association of 16mm Modellers

This one is really all you need, as not only does the site have loads of information about all things 16mil, its own links page has many more than we could put here.

To save you hunting for it, the page in question is here.

If you really want more, your webmaster's own site includes photos of many of our garden railways and indoor layouts.

The site also has a number of articles on related subjects.

And if video is your thing, Rob Guinness has more than 200 on his Youtube channel.

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